Suorin Air Make no mistake. The original Suorin Air is a nic salt specialist. The 400mAh battery and 2ml pod are hard pressed to last an entire day, if you use lower nicotine ejuices or vape frequently. Another limitation: only one coil/pod resistance options. The Suorin Air Plus has addressed all of these issues, and retains the same credit card sized footprint of the original Suorin Air. This is not meant as a shot at the classic Suorin Air. It was a revelation when it was launched, and is one of the most popular refillable vape pods ever designed. The Air was perfectly positioned to take advantage of the nic salt revolution. Suorin vape pods come in all shapes and sizes. But the Air really resonated with vapers. But it has been a few years, and it is a perfect time for a stretched and enhanced Suorin Air to hit the market.